About Us

Hello, and welcome to Used Homeschool Curriculum. We are a homeschool family who started these message boards in 2003 to provide a free community for buying and selling homeschool curriculum.

My name is Susan and I started homeschooling my children back in the early 90s, have three who have graduated, and have one six year old to go! My oldest son Brandon has programmed and maintained this site since he was 14 years old, having the idea after I expressed a desire for a free site to buy and sell homeschool curriculum.

In the early days of this site we had a motto: “No pop-ups or inappropriate ads – ever!” A site you can visit with a child sitting on your lap. Anyone remember? :-) Thankfully, the pop-up situation on websites is not the problem it was 10 years ago, and we are still committed to only appropriate ads, on occasion, keeping our site simple, and focused on one thing: buying and selling used homeschool curriculum.

Brandon graduated from college last year and is busy working for a web development firm, but has recently completed a major redesign of UsedHomeschoolCurriculum.com, to help make our site more enjoyable and user friendly. We thank you for your patience if you have been waiting for the site to get back up.

After browsing the forums, if you don’t find what you need, we also have an extensive list of homeschool curriculum, books, and resources, on eBay. The detailed menu is located on the left side of the forums. If you are looking to really save money on your homeschool curriculum buying check that out.

I am just starting the homeschooling journey with my six year son who is adopted and has special needs. I really look forward to our forums again becoming a thriving place to buy and sell homeschool curriculum and resources.

Browse the boards and find what you need, and clear your shelves and sell what you aren’t using . . . To make money to buy more books, of course!


The Free Place to Buy and Sell Homeschool Curriculum – Since 2003

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