Top 5 Reasons to Sell Your Used Homeschool Curriculum on eBay

used homeschool curriculumMany homeschool families have had a good experience selling their curriculum on eBay, and appreciate the extra exposure their item receives when listed on eBay. I am one of those homeschoolers, and have sold on eBay on and off for years.

The Five Best Reasons to Sell on eBay:

1. Your item gets the most exposure to buyers looking for used homeschool books.

2. You can post pictures, which some buyers need in order to make a decision.

3. You can sell other items, books, and clothes, at the same time!

4. If your homeschool book or textbook is popular it will most likely sell in 7 days, the time of the average auction.

5. Sometimes, you may get a much higher price than you imagined, if there are many buyers, and a bidding war ensues. :-)

Used Homeschool Curriculum has seen it’s ups and downs in traffic over the years, mainly do to google changing its mind on what to put on top. This site is free to use, and there are no fees when your item sells, so I also can’t spend time and money to get on top of google again! At one point this site was always #1-3 on every search engine for the search Used Homeschool Curriculum, and we had thousands of users. Until we are on top again, you may want to try eBay, if you don’t mind the extra time and fees involved.

Better yet, list your item on and on eBay, for the best exposure and chance of selling your used homeschool curriculum to homeschoolers looking for a bargain.


Homeschool Curriculum Junkie? 7 Signs You May Have a Problem. . .

Do you love homeschool curriculum?  Are you addicted to selling your unneeded curriculum, so you can get money to buy more homeschool curriculum?

Seven signs you may have a problem with homeschool curriculum:

  1. You own enough curriculum to homeschool your children, your neighbor’s children, and most of the children in your homeschool support group if needed.
  2. You love textbooks because they are shiny and heavy, and smell their pages often. They sit on your shelf most of the time cause you don’t like using textbooks, but you can’t resist their pretty covers, and organized table of contents.
  3. You love Sonlight, and other literature based curriculum, just because there are so many many books to order!
  4. You sometimes buy stuff because you have to get a better look at it, and if you need to resell it, no problem, worth the trouble.
  5. You really lean more towards unschooling, but you personally own enough curriculum to start a small school.
  6. You have ordered curriculum that you already own, because truthfully you can’t remember all the cool curriculum have!
  7. You can’t stop looking though catalogs, browsing websites, and lurking on homeschool used curriculum sites, even after you have all the curriculum you need for this year.

If you are a curriculum junkie, like me, none of these sound weird or even slightly amusing, and you probably could write your own list of 7 more reasons you know you’re a curriculum junkie . . .

5 Tips for Selling Your Used Homeschool Curriculum

Selling Used Homeschool Curriclum

If you are ready to sell your used homeschool curriculum, I am going
to share some tips that will help to make the process easier, and make sure the transaction ends with a happy buyer and seller.

5 Easy Tips For Selling Used Homeschool Curriculum

  • Condition:  Is your item in good condition? If it is missing something, like a teacher’s manual or workbook, could it be easily replaced?  Is there any writing?  Be sure to mention it in your ad.
  • Listing Title:  Give your post a good title, giving as much information as possible so a buyer knows what is being sold before clicking on the post. List curriculum company (Sonlight, A Beka. . .), the book title, and grade level if applicable.
  • Price:  Price Your Item Right. Most people price their used homeschool curriculum at 50%-75% of the full price. If your item is in like new condition, you can price it closer to 75%. If your book is more than gently used or has any damage, you need to lower the price. Also, remember, there are many discount booksellers, including Amazon and CBD. Usually used homeschool curriculum needs to be at least a 25% discount to compete with new sales.
  • Description: Give your forum post on a complete, clear description, so the reader knows what is being offered. Be sure to list all applicable information including: title(s), year, publisher, grade, condition, any writing or defects, price and shipping (the complete cost to purchase).  Used Homeschool Curriculum is assumed to have some use, so be honest in your description.
  • Contact information:   There is no need to list your contact information in your forum post, and it is not advisable or necessary.   First, ask the buyer should reply to your post with a want to buy message.  Then, the buyer should click on your username which will be a link – this goes to your profile, where they can private message you to work out the details.  Usually, buyers will be comfortable using Paypal, but you may request a check or money order if you prefer.

I have operated since 2003, buying and selling my own curriculum here as well. I started homeschooling over twenty years ago and I must admit that not only am I an eclectic homeschooler, but I have been fickle along the way. There is always something new and amazing, there are the wonderful tried and true classics, and in my desire to find the best, there is the trial and error along the way. What works for one family, may not be the right fit for another, and that is one of the beauties of homeschooling our children – we can choose the best books and homeschooling curriculum for their needs.


Homeschool Curriculum Abbreviations

Homeschool Curriculum Abbreviations
Buying and Selling Homeschool curriculum is much easier when you know the common Homeschool curriculum abbreviations. This list is not the obvious abbreviations of every homeschool curriculum known to man, but rather the abbreviations that are commonly used in conversation and on forums. I have tried to include all such companies I could think of and find with a quick search, but if you know of any others I have neglected to list, please include them in a comment and I will be happy to add them.

  • 100EL – Teach Your Child to Read in 100 Easy Lessons
  • AAS – All About Spelling
  • ACE – Accelerated Christian Education
  • AIG – Answers in Genesis
  • AO – Ambleside Online
  • BF – Beautiful Feet Books
  • B4FIAR – Before Before Five in a Row
  • BFIAR – Beyond Before Five in a Row
  • CHOW – Children’s History of the World
  • CLP – Christian Liberty Press
  • CM – Charlotte Mason
  • FIAR – Five in a Row
  • HOP – Hooked on Phonics
  • HWTMFW – My Father’s World
  • MUS – Math-U-See
  • SL – Sonlight
  • SSRW – Sing, Spell, Read, & Write
  • SOS – Switched on Schoolhouse
  • SOTW – Story of the World
  • TOG – Tapestry of Grace
  • TT – Teaching Textbooks
  • TQ – Truthquest
  • TWTM, WTM – The Well Trained Mind
  • WS – Writing Strands


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