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Homeschool Curriculum Junkie? 7 Signs You May Have a Problem. . .

Do you love homeschool curriculum?  Are you addicted to selling your unneeded curriculum, so you can get money to buy more homeschool curriculum?

Seven signs you may have a problem with homeschool curriculum:

  1. You own enough curriculum to homeschool your children, your neighbor’s children, and most of the children in your homeschool support group if needed.
  2. You love textbooks because they are shiny and heavy, and smell their pages often. They sit on your shelf most of the time cause you don’t like using textbooks, but you can’t resist their pretty covers, and organized table of contents.
  3. You love Sonlight, and other literature based curriculum, just because there are so many many books to order!
  4. You sometimes buy stuff because you have to get a better look at it, and if you need to resell it, no problem, worth the trouble.
  5. You really lean more towards unschooling, but you personally own enough curriculum to start a small school.
  6. You have ordered curriculum that you already own, because truthfully you can’t remember all the cool curriculum have!
  7. You can’t stop looking though catalogs, browsing websites, and lurking on homeschool used curriculum sites, even after you have all the curriculum you need for this year.

If you are a curriculum junkie, like me, none of these sound weird or even slightly amusing, and you probably could write your own list of 7 more reasons you know you’re a curriculum junkie . . .