Top 5 Reasons to Sell Your Used Homeschool Curriculum on eBay

used homeschool curriculumMany homeschool families have had a good experience selling their curriculum on eBay, and appreciate the extra exposure their item receives when listed on eBay. I am one of those homeschoolers, and have sold on eBay on and off for years.

The Five Best Reasons to Sell on eBay:

1. Your item gets the most exposure to buyers looking for used homeschool books.

2. You can post pictures, which some buyers need in order to make a decision.

3. You can sell other items, books, and clothes, at the same time!

4. If your homeschool book or textbook is popular it will most likely sell in 7 days, the time of the average auction.

5. Sometimes, you may get a much higher price than you imagined, if there are many buyers, and a bidding war ensues. :-)

Used Homeschool Curriculum has seen it’s ups and downs in traffic over the years, mainly do to google changing its mind on what to put on top. This site is free to use, and there are no fees when your item sells, so I also can’t spend time and money to get on top of google again! At one point this site was always #1-3 on every search engine for the search Used Homeschool Curriculum, and we had thousands of users. Until we are on top again, you may want to try eBay, if you don’t mind the extra time and fees involved.

Better yet, list your item on and on eBay, for the best exposure and chance of selling your used homeschool curriculum to homeschoolers looking for a bargain.